unloading pizza oven in outdoor kitchen area

Here comes the tricky part

Installed pizza oven on top of counter with firewood underneath

Mission Accomplished!


Homeowner enjoying her finished new outdoor living space

Deb enjoying her new living area!


It’s the Little Stuff

Finishing this project, as with all construction projects, the small stuff really makes a huge difference. Not all homeowners understand the importance of lighting. The right amount and kind of lighting can make a new space an exciting statement or make it just like every other outdoor area. With out really cool lighting this outdoor area would have been just another regular outdoor space. With a little bit of imagination and forethought, the lighting and sound system (speakers in the ceiling) make this spot dramatic. It’s tough sometimes to spend extra bucks on lighting when you’ve invested so much in getting the structure and fixtures just right. But let me reassure you, the extras pay off in the long run making it exclusive and exciting!

Completed backyard craftsmen living space with pool

Silver subway tiles were installed as a back splash for dramatic light reflection.

Competed outdoor living space with fireplace, tv, outdoor kitchen, pool

The pool and kitchen area lighting can change colors by remote control

Remodeling a kitchen or adding a brand new wing to your home can be extremely intimidating for some and to others the “redo” is all they look for when searching for the right home.  Your homes customization’s will ensure lots of years of special memories in your unique one of a kind spot.  And that’s is all that matters.  Right, Enzo?


Enzo the dog relaxing on the pool lounge ledge

Enzo…lovin’ life

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Additional Ideas for Updating Your Outdoor Area Space

Redo your existing patio furniture with new paint and a fun design…follow this link

A really cool porch swing would look great in an outdoor living space like the one above!


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