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Hey there, my name is Elise Austin and welcome to my construction zone! I’m a mom, real estate agent, blogger, and a contractor’s wife living the contractor’s life in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Around here there is always a project getting started, a dream in the works, a house to sell, or a mental breakdown about to happen.

Come along with me as I journal the last big push to complete our ongoing house remodel before we get too old to remember where we live. I’ve also cooked up some wonderful recipes, some borrowed, some from heaven, a lot from my favorite cookbooks and a few adapted from  fellow bloggers. I’ll be covering everything from gluten free, low carb, and good ol’ southern family yumminess! There will be lots of other stuff I’ll be getting into so follow me on this trip across the finish line!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Always, Elise


P.S. This bloggin’ stuff is a new venture so if you have any suggestions, helpful hints or any ideas on projects please send them our way. Also, we use a lot of products so if you’d like us to review yours please contact us. And lastly, kindness is valued and cherished on this site…Please be polite when commenting.




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Sharing is caring!

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