Easy Step by Step Vertical Trellis

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DIY Easy Assembly Vertical Trellis

cantaloupe vine on bamboo wire trellis
Cantaloupe vine loving it’s own space!

Once you decide to grow vines this easy DIY step by step vertical trellis will help tremendously for vertical gardening success!  Vertical garden trellis arches reduce ground space so you can grow more veggies. It’s easy to work around when all the surrounding plants are blooming and it provides shade for heat sensitive plants like spinach, lettuce, and cilantro.

pinterest pin with cantalope on the vine

At the Austin house we love to grow vines! Moon vines, cardinal vines, American wisteria, green beans, cantaloupe, pumpkin, and watermelon all make our list of favorites. We don’t have a lot of space so going up was our best option. 

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Fall and early Spring are the best times to start planning your Vertical Trellis!

Yes, vines take more time to grow, but in the end they produce abundant goodies either to eat, smell or just look at. My main complaint with with these fun plants is they get a little unruly and tend to take over the whole area they reside in. You might say most are born wanderers and are sometimes just plain ornery!

Cantaloupe vine on trellis among the Bee Balm plants
Cantaloupe vine loving its Bee Balm friends.

Late last summer when we were trying to start our fall garden, we couldn’t find any open space for spinach, beans and lettuce. There wasn’t one sunny spot that wasn’t run over with a vine. They had taken over everything and didn’t want to share!

garden fresh green beans grown on a vertical arched diy trellis

Easy All Season Green Beans

This arched garden trellis is absolutely perfect for green bean vines. I planted green bean vines from seeds in late July and we had beautiful, organic, homegrown green beans all Fall long. There is room enough on the DIY garden trellis to grow several varieties at once. So fun!

Vines are Super Fun to Grow!

The idea of giving them their own space by way of a vertical trellis was the best solution. We were hoping a trellis would keep them somewhat under control instead of running amauk all over the place?

The contractor wanted a simple one to build, easy to vine train and with a lot of surface area. One that can accommodate a couple of different vines and one that wasn’t going to block out the sun for other veggies.

36"  wide 2"x 4" 14-Gauge Galvanized Welded Wire
36″ wide 2″x 4″ 14-Gauge Galvanized Welded Wire to withstand elements and hold heavier fruit

Picking the right spot in your garden is key!

This space usually holds a couple of tomato plants, basil, and cilantro. With the addition of the trellis; everyone has their own spot plus beans and aren’t run over by a creeping vine!

Basic trellis structure being built set in garden area.
Basic trellis structure

Easy Trellis Assembly

  • The contractor started out with 4 hollow metal poles that were easily pounded into the soil and set about 30″ apart. Note: If the poles are hard to pound into your garden soil you need to amend the soil with organic nutrients with organic compost, worm castings, mulched leaves and grass or plant a cover crop ASAP like clover or peas. Anything organic that will add nutrients and structure to the soil. 
building and assembly of garden trellis in garden area with the contractor
Assembly of basic garden trellis.
  • Bendable PVC pipe was inserted into the top of the metal pole and carefully bent to meet the other pole top. To reinforce the frame, he drilled a hole through the pipe and PVC and secured with a bolt.
vertical trellis being built with bamboo poles being tied on metal poles with shed in back
Bamboo poles being attached to metal and PVC piping.
  • 36″ Bamboo poles were then positioned perpendicular to the frame and set about 2 feet apart. Strong metal wire attached the bamboo to the metal using the bolt screws for an anchor.

The anchor screws came in handy when the garden fencing was draped over the structure. Heavy gauged wire was again used to secure the whole structure together.

collage of close up of the welded wire being attached trellis frame
             Attachment of welded wire mesh.
  • The the final step of draping the 2″ x 4″ welded wire over the frame was the easiest. The wire cloth had to be securely fastened to 9 bamboo poles and the arched frame.
Almost completed garden vine trellis with wire mesh being draped over structure
Lots of wire holds this structure together!

All done and ready for some friendly cantaloupe and watermelon vines! (FYI, the watermelon didn’t make it…we planted them to late)

Cantaloupe vine with large fruit hanging from trellis and with a sling to keep it from dropping
              Cantaloupe yumminess just hangin’ out!

Materials Needed for this Project:

  1. Bamboo Poles (or PVC) – 36″ or to your desired length
  2. Bendable PVC Rods
  3. Hollow Metal Poles
  4. 36″ wide 2″x 4″ 14-Gauge Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh
  5. Heavy gauged wire
  6. Drill
  7. Wire Cutters
  8. Saw
  9. Seeds or plant starts
  10. Great Organic Soil!

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Ripe 14# cantaloupe that was grown on redone wrought iron table.
       This baby was 12 pounder!!

Check out our tips on redoing your old outdated wrought iron furniture.

TaDa! Look how great it turned out!

This sweet girl made it’s debut at a family gathering and let me tell you, she was yummy! And just one of the halves served 8 adults! What a way to end a great summer growing season!

Vertical trellis home grown ripe Cantaloupe cut in half showing how ripe it is.
The best homegrown cantaloupe EVER!!!

Is this structure sturdy?

Yes, very! Living in Oklahoma we are known for our winds and tornadoes. This year we have had straight line winds up to 75 miles an hour and this structure never flinched!

Can other vines besides cantaloupe grow on this shaped trellis?

Of course! Pole beans, watermelon, cucumber vines, pumpkins, flowering vines. Any vine that likes to climb!

Can you use another type of horizontal pole besides bamboo?

You sure can! If we didn’t have the bamboo poles already we probably would have used large, thick 2# wooden dowel type poles.

Can you use smaller wire mesh for the climbing structure?

You can but it might be limiting on the type of vines. Vines with larger fruit need the open space to grow in and out of.


If you have any other questions about materials, creating your own wonderful garden soil, or when to plant certain vines please shoot me a comment or an email! I’d love to hear from you!



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