Easy Seasoned Italian Pretzels

Fall Food Favorite


Why you'll love these Seasoned Italian Pretzels...

They are made with 6 simple budget-friendly ingredients. Great for an easy game day party or holiday celebrations. Best thing, it takes about 5 min. to mix together and marinates overnight. 

6 Simple Ingredients

– bag unsalted mini pretzels 12 oz bag – Italian Salad Dressing Seasoning – red chili pepper flakes  – garlic powder – dried oregano – canola oil, vegetable, or olive oil

Mix oil & seasonings together...

Pour oil-seasoning mix over pretzels, gently stir.

Transfer to a large ziplock plastic bag, gently shake every hour for at least 4 hours...or overnight.

Spread out on a cut brown paper bag or parchment paper. Air dry for an hour.

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