Why You'll Love Spicy Pimento Cheese

easy to make. southern staple. good on everything!  

Easy Ingredients

– Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese & Monterey Jack Cheese – Full-fat Mayo – Pimento peppers or roasted red bell peppers – Fresh Jalapeno peppers – Onion – Cilantro (optional) – garlic powder – Chili Powder – Mexican Tex-Mex Spice Blend Seasoning – Worcestershire Sauce – Salt and Pepper

Grate the Cheeses!

Whip the Sauce UP!

Mix the Veggies in!

Add Cheese & Mix!

Serve @ room temp.

saltines pork rinds white bread tortilla chips celery sticks on a hamburger

favorite ways to serve:

Best Homemade Jalapeno Pimento Cheese... Caviar of the South... Classic Southern Staple!