Cabbage Vegetable Soup


This Easy and Healthy Vegetable Cabbage Soup recipe is a hearty soup filled with delicious chunky, fresh vegetables and the perfect amount of satisfying spicy spice.


Why You'll Love this Easy Cabbage Weight Watchers Soup

~ Loaded with healthy vitamins & fiber. ~ It's basically 0 WW points and 50 cal. a bowl. ~ Great way to use up leftover veggies.

What you'll need Vegetable Cabbage Soup:

Fresh Cabbage assorted veggies garlic Bouillon Cajun seasoning tomato paste  Broth

saute' veggies...add broth...boil & simmer


Add a lean 0 point protein to make a complete meal...

turkey rotisserie chicken shrimp beans


Easy Cabbage  Vegetable Soup