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Crazy Good Lemon Bars with Coconut and White Chocolate

Lemon Bars-Crazy Good!

Lemon Bars also known as Lemon Squaresare are probably the most requested dessert treat in my family, hands down. And when shredded coconut and white chocolate are mixed in the lemon bar equation…Oh Lord…my...
closeup of cookies

Chocolate Covered Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate Covered Cherry Oatmeal Cookies…now that’s a delicious mouthful of warm sweet comfort right there. Instead of making the same ol’ same ol’ Chocolate Chip Cookies on an almost snowy afternoon (Okies here🙋‍♀️), my...

Red Cherries, White Chocolate, & Blueberry Cookies!

For all things good and just and right in the world! Red, White, Cherries & Blueberries Cookies! Such a delish treat for any summer celebration!!     I think cookies are my favorite food...