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chickpea roundup

Easy Vegan Chickpea Recipes

Chickpeas are healthy little morsels of goodness that are scrumptious 1000 different ways. Share this:TweetPrint
Cold Pea Pasta Salad close up on a fork in a white bowl

Cold Pea Pasta Salad

Make this easy cold pea pasta salad with crisp red onions, fresh out of the garden green peas, jalapenos, and dill mixed with curry garlic butter your new spring/summer salad friend! Hook this up...
close up of curry crunchy chickpeas in a glass jar

Curry Crunchy Chickpeas

OMG! My daughter just snuck all of these Air Fryer Curry Crunchy Chickpeas in her backpack for lunch today! Proud mom moment of a teenage senior in high school who doesn’t eat anything for...

Deviled Egg with Curry and Fresh Dill

Deviled eggs with curry and fresh dill are about the easiest anytime appetizer dish there is! They are often gobbled up at barbecues, funerals, holidays (especially Easter), potlucks…anytime! And being naturally low carb they...