Master Makeover Time–Part I

bathroom update

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My castle is an endless stream of projects waiting, wanting and needing to happen. Just like a living being, a house needs constant attention or the whole thing goes to hell! Some parts of my house are absolutely wonderful and some parts not so much. Now that our kids are older and on the move without the constant aid of “mom’s taxi service” I’m now able to concentrate on how to make my contractor hubs downtime more “action packed“…Teehee! From scratched and dented molding, kid soccer murals that are peeling off the wall, to old out of date window coverings, bathroom updates and certainly not last or least…the kitchen-office-covered patio/deck project….The house makeover has begun!

I’m starting off in our master bath we expanded and totally remodeled when we moved in 10+ years ago. The original bath was a shower/tub combo with Pepto-Bismol pink tile, tiled acoustical ceiling, and carpeted pink cracked tile floor. It was beautiful and very mid century in its day but very well used and just worn out. We incorporated the space used for a dressing room that was adjacent with an old tired vanity and drawers that wouldn’t slide, a cracked mirror that just wasn’t magical anymore, and re-purposed the space for a big master closet. And lastly a hall closet was claimed for the second vanity and more room!

The update included a large walk-in multi spray shower, separate vanities with sinks with multiple drawers, plugs, makeup area for yours truly:), and heated floors! If you’re thinking, OMG! heated floors! You’re right….they are worth every. single. penny. we spent on them!

We never really liked the paint colors we picked out ten years ago so my mission for this month is to fix it. One of my biggest dislikes in remodeling is the process of picking out paint colors, especially whites! I’ve been known to hire a decorator friend of mine for 30 minutes just to help me with one color. But I’m doing this on a budget so no easy way out for me this time. The truth is I really wanted to wall paper the place but I just knew that wasn’t going to happen. I had visions of unintentionally wrapping myself in a whole role of wallpaper with glue all over my face. I have successfully put up a border but that’s about as far as my cut, glue and smooth skills go.

(First Action Step: Start doing it yourself then the Contractor will take over, he can’t stand it when I paint!)

After several attempts at choosing a color, ugh color swatches! And several quart samples, ugh more little paint cans in the garage. I do what I usually do and make my own color. I didn’t want it taupe or gray or a yellow white; I had my bisque sink color in mind and I think I got pretty close. We ended up mixing 1 quart Pratt and Lambert Antique White and 1 quart regular white; in the end it turned out a winner! It matches the sink exactly and will be perfect for a base coat. Awww, wait, BASE COAT! Yes there is more to come, Stenciling! I’m so excited, I think the result is going to be super cool!

(The paint matches the sink)

Come back next week for Part II – Stenciling!

Always Elise

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