Garlic Peeling – Problem Solved!

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Rosemary, thyme and garlic from garden

Fresh garlic and herbs from my backyard garden.

Let’s face it,  peeling garlic is just a pain in the butt! It’s time consuming, messy, and some of those little ones are just not worth the effort!

And if you get a fresh one it’s double hard. If you get an old one the skin comes right off; but who wants to eat old garlic…not me!

No special garlic equipment required!

It’s taken me quite a few years to evolve to master garlic peeler status but I have arrived! It’s really very easy and you don’t need any special equipment.

I’ve found after spending hours peeling it’s easier to just crush the cloves slightly. 

Old garlic method!

I use to take the flat side of a knife, lay it on top of the clove and then hit the flat side with the palm of my hand.

This technique worked really well but it does have it’s draw backs like… what if the knife slips, Ouchy, Ouchy, Ouchy!!

crushed garlic and meat mallet

meat mallet and fresh backyard garlic

New garlic method!

So long story short, using an old standard meat mallet is by far the winner of the garlic peeling dilemma. One quick whack and the skin comes right off; the cloves are crushed enough you only have to make a few short cuts and your done! Not to mention the fun it can be?

This method is especially helpful with the smaller stressful  cloves.

home grown garlic bunch in red wagon

a bunch of backyard garlic

Garlic Done!

There you have it…short and sweet and ready to eat! No need to ever avoid using garlic cause it took too much time to peel and chop. And no excuses for just using one garlic clove in a recipe…that’s just plain ridiculous!



Try this technique in one of my favorite garlic infused recipe!

Italian Queso-Delizioso! Super Easy to Make!


Disclaimer: Watch what you’re whacking! Your fingers could get in the way and it could hurt. Pay attention always when you’re in the kitchen!

Sharing is caring!

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