Spicy “Krab” Wontons w/ Sweet Mustard Sauce

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate January. It’s all about the resolutions, or should I say broken resolutions, the belly from helly, new broken toys, and clothes that don’t fit! Need I say more…I hate January!

But then there’s February. Ahhh Yessssss, February! One of my favorite months. We get to start off by laughing hysterically at the Bud Light and Doritos’s commercials while enduring another boring Patriot Super Bowl. Ugh…I’m tired of them…We need a good ol’ fashioned shoot’em up western type game, like the Cowboys or the Chiefs! Oh well, hopefully Brady will decide to “mosey on out” and take a desk job somewhere.

Besides the commercials, Super Bowl food is always super fun and yummy around here. Along with the 100% guarantee you will ingest more fat by way of the glorious staples of “Guac, Queso, Clam Dip, and tons of chips”. I always like to offer something a little more waist friendly. I whipped up these little morsels of “yumminess” as a trial run for the big day and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. They’re a little spicy, crabby, and fresh tasting. Kind of a prelude to the sweet smell of Spring kinda taste and the sauce makes the whole thing come together!