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Porch “Garden” Swing – Home Swing Home!

Back in the day the porch swing was as American as baseball, apple pie, and Yankee Doodle Dandy! A big wide covered front porch was a place for family and friends to gather after...

5 Easy Steps to Conserve Water!

Whether you believe in global warming or not I’m hoping we can all agree that water conservation is needed and just plain common sense.  You may never have thought about this fact but water...

Sun “shine” Flowers!

These girls just wanna have Sun! The Sunflower is such a beautiful plant but not always the easiest to grow. I’ve been trying for quite a while to master these beauties and have come...
garlic mallet

Garlic Peeling – Problem Solved!

Let’s face it, garlic is just a pain in the butt to peel. If you get a fresh one it’s double hard and if you get an old one the skin comes right off;...
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